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Alpaca hat multi chullo

Alpaca/wool chullo hat is knitted from undeniably soft, alpaca & wool fiber. This classic chullo epitomizes the finest in cold-weather luxury accessories.

Tie tassels to go around the neck.
One size fits all.


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How often have we washed our Alpaca Wool Products

How often have we washed our favorite jumper and discovered it has shrunk. ‘Fulling’ is a technique which is similar to this, except it is controlled. The agitation of the yarn versus detergent versus hot water causes the fibers to matt together and therefore shrink.  Shaping then takes place as for traditional wet felting,

Our alpaca hats are both warm and light. Because they are knitted from 100% alpaca, it allows the head to breath whilst retaining its cozy warmth.

Felted alpaca is also waterproof. Indeed the Yurts (tents) used by Nomadic tribes are made from felt. It is light and portable so they can travel with their homes on their backs with little effort.


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